Could new Covid testing and vaccine mandates make school

Schools in many rural areas already have been struggling with staffing shortages, which have been exacerbated this school year by high Covid infection rates and mandated quarantines, leaving classrooms without teachers. Although there is more resistance to the mandates at rural schools, even the state’s largest district — Los Angeles

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California K-12 Covid safety practices for the new school

(8 days ago) State health officials say schools are ready to open for in-person instruction now that vaccines have been widely distributed, but districts face two major challenges: Children younger than 12 are still not eligible for Covid vaccines, and cases have begun to surge again a month after the state dropped most of its Covid restrictions.. The California Department of Public Health and the …

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LA Unified becomes largest school district to mandate

(3 days ago) The mandate will apply to all students ages 12 and older who attend L.A. Unified schools and charter schools that share space with district schools. While the mandate does allow for exemption from the vaccine, neither the wording of the new requirement nor the board meeting discussion clarified what those exemptions might be.

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Absenteeism surging since schools reopened EdSource

(5 days ago) A month into in-person learning for most California schools, some districts are reporting soaring rates of absenteeism due to stay-at-home quarantines, fear of Covid and general disengagement from school. Even districts like Elk Grove and Long Beach …

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California education news: What’s the latest

(3 days ago) Link copied. LA Unified sees steep decline in enrollment. The number of students enrolled at Los Angeles Unified schools has dropped by nearly 6% since last year — that’s over 27,000 students. The state’s largest school district had a total enrollment of 466,299 students last year in preschool through 12th grade.

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Changes for educating quarantined California students

(9 days ago) And now, with rising numbers of individuals, classrooms of students and entire schools headed into temporary closure because of exposure to infected students, some districts are warning that forcing quarantined students into independent study will overload, if not break, an education system already stretched thin.

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Virus outbreaks unavoidable as school campuses reopen

(9 days ago) Schools in some parts of California have reopened or are close to reopening, either because the state has granted them a waiver or their county health officials have given approval. Small in-person classes for students in special education or other high-needs groups have also started in …

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In-school suspensions the answer to school discipline

(4 days ago) Schools also have another incentive to offer in-school suspensions: Students serving those suspensions are not counted as absent, so schools still get “average daily attendance” money from the state, which is the main way schools in California are funded.

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California to require Covid vaccine for all students

(7 days ago) Debra Duardo, superintendent of schools for Los Angeles County, said the mandate is an important step to keep schools safe for students and staff. To ensure a smooth rollout, she plans to convene a task force of the county’s superintendents to oversee the implementation of the mandate and work with families and health officials.

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California becomes first state to require ethnic studies

(4 days ago) Enactment of AB 101 releases $50 million in this year’s state budget for all county offices of education, charter schools and school districts to develop ethnic studies curriculums. The money will be distributed to schools serving high school students, as a straight apportionment, according to the California Department of Education.

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How California measures academic success is changing at

(5 days ago) The schools receive a color-coded score for each subject, with green indicating above average growth, orange representing average growth and red signaling below average growth. Administrators at those districts say the data is another piece of information parents can use when they are deciding where to enroll their children.

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Beyond higher pay and smaller classes, charter debate is

(5 days ago) Whether charter schools can be fully blamed for the drop in enrollment in district schools is an open question. Because districts receive state money for the number of students they enroll, union leaders say students leaving for charter schools means less money for the district to cover the kinds of expenses the striking teachers are demanding.

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California sues Betsy DeVos over rule steering coronavirus

(4 days ago) To date, 77 private schools nationwide, including 62 Catholic schools, have closed since the start of the pandemic, according to the libertarian Cato Institute, which is tracking school closures. The average tuition of those schools was $7,380.

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When children return to school, don’t skip recess EdSource

(Just Now) When schools reopen, however, recess and other play-based break times must be incorporated into the learning environment. Social support and physical activity help buffer children’s stress response, which will be needed, given that children’s physical and psychological health are negatively affected, and trauma symptoms increase when they

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California Assembly leaders press for all districts to

(6 days ago) Schools would then have a choice of offering in-person instruction at a minimum of 50% of instructional minutes required, or creating summer school for in-person instruction. Some districts that have already decided to return only when their county is in the orange tier, like San Jose Unified, or districts that had decided to remain in distance

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Advocates urge Newsom to order schools not to permanently

(Just Now) Before the pandemic forced all district schools to temporarily close in mid-March, the district was expected to announce a new list of schools to permanently close, merge or expand in 2021-22, which the board expected to vote on this month. But district staff delayed announcing the schools after the COVID-19 required learning to shift online.

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Staffing shortage delays ambitious program to extend

(9 days ago) School districts and charter schools say they are struggling to find enough teachers, substitute teachers, bus drivers and Covid contact tracers to fill existing and new pandemic-related jobs, so adding before- and after-school positions is unfeasible, they say.

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