Schools must also focus on reducing rates of out-of-school suspensions, which are often applied disproportionately to students of color and students with disabilities. Strong plans leverage evidence-based strategies and interventions that have been proven to significantly improve outcomes for students.

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Collaboration: A Framework for School Improvement

(7 days ago) accountability in schools; shared leadership; and a well informed community exercising more choice in schooling. Because self-management of schools has involved the transfer of much control of education to the local community, it has required a decentralization of decision making to the individual school.

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Character Education in America’s Schools

(7 days ago) cation in schools in the 1990s, schools were blamed for a general moral decline in young people because schools were believed to have “shirked their respon-sibilities for character education” (Milsom & Mehlig, 2002, p. 47). Leading figures such as William Bennett expounded on the need for character educa-tion in the schools.

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