Where to Find Continuing Education Classes for Realtors …

Florida Realtors offers a wide variety of online education programs with its partner The CE Shop. Choices for discounted pricing courses include three- and four-hour CE programs, complete 14-hour CE renewal packages and industry specific programs for commercial real estate practitioners. Check out The CE Shop course programs here.

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URL: https://www.floridarealtors.org/education/continuing-education

Tuition, Training Programs Becoming ‘New Minimum Wage

(6 days ago) Intel is providing the class materials to these schools for free – which traditionally have had a much larger percentage of ethnic minorities and lower income levels than four-year colleges – and is working with local community college professors to customize the programs to meet the unique needs of a given community.

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How to Get Your Florida Real Estate Broker License

(8 days ago) Step 2: Apply to take the Florida real estate broker exam. Application: Complete the DBPR RE-2 Application for Broker License. You’ll need to provide this information along with your grades from the pre-licensing class and fees to the DBPR. (The application fee is $91.75. This breaks down to $14.75 for a nonrefundable application fee, $72

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How to Renew Your Florida Real Estate License

(Just Now) Course packages are offered by local boards/associations, accredited colleges, technical centers and real estate schools. Costs vary from $150 to $250. Costs vary from $150 to $250. One option that many new sales associates choose for the 45-hour post-license requirement is the Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI) 100 Series education classes.

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How to Get Your Florida Real Estate License

(5 days ago) Selling real estate requires a passion for people and properties, and it also requires a license. First, you need to be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate or equivalent and have a U.S. Social Security number.

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'New School Ways' to Handle Essential Real Estate Tasks

(5 days ago) He can see what’s active, pending, closed or expired as well as net equity, mortgage rate and age, type of ownership, last sale price, sell score, land use, schools, local demographics and more. He can add properties to carts (i.e., customizable groups) to monitor, market to and share with others.

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Local Associations Florida Realtors

(6 days ago) Local Associations. There are 52 local Realtor associations, or boards, in Florida. Local boards offer education courses, discounts, local advocacy, and other benefits.

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Become a Member Florida Realtors

(6 days ago) 1. Have an active Florida real estate license. 2. Affiliate with a broker. 3. Join your local real estate board or association and stay current with your dues. That’s it! You’ll automatically become a member of Florida Realtors. As a member of your state association, you’re joining a network of 195,000 Florida real estate professionals.

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184 Ways Realtors Are Worth Every Penny of Their

(1 days ago) 19. Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on market value. 20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure all steps and actions are completed Listing Appointment Presentation. 21. Give seller an overview of current market conditions and projections. 22. Review agent’s and company’s credentials and accomplishments

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Forms Descriptions Florida Realtors

(4 days ago) Buyer’s Request for Repairs and/or Remedies (BRR-1) This form may be used by the buyer for requesting repairs in accordance with the seller’s repair limit in a contract. This form is designed to complement the standard Florida Realtors/FloridaBar and CRSP contracts, not the ASIS Florida Realtors/FloridaBar contract.

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Estoppel Florida Realtors

(8 days ago) An estoppel letter/certificate is used to facilitate a closing by providing a snapshot of the fees or assessments that a seller may owe to their association. In Florida, purchasers are jointly and severally liable with the previous owner for dues and assessments owed to the association. Therefore, when someone buys a property located within a

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Gov. DeSantis Blocks Local COVID-19 Orders Florida Realtors

(6 days ago) The vaccine-passport ban prevents businesses, schools and government agencies from requiring people to show proof of vaccination before gaining entry. DeSantis on April 2 issued an executive order blocking vaccine passports, which he said would create “huge” privacy issues that could result in people handing over medical information to a

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Commute Time vs. Space: American Preferences Change

(4 days ago) Changing American preferences. 60%: Those who want a home that’s larger and farther apart, even if school, stores and restaurants are several miles away, up from 53% in September 2019. 39%: Those who prefer homes that are smaller and closer together, providing schools, stores and restaurants are within walking distance, down from 47% in

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Florida's Escrow Laws & Rules Florida Realtors

(6 days ago) Timeframe for depositing money into an escrow account. An associate or broker-associate must deliver the escrow deposit to the broker by the end of the next business day after receiving the deposit. (Rule 61J2-14.009, Florida Administrative Code) T he broker must deposit the funds in the escrow account “immediately,” which is defined as within three business days.

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What is Florida Realtors' MLSAdvantage and Why to Use It

(Just Now) The key benefit of MLSAdvantage is that it allows MLS participants the ability to view listings outside of their MLS without the need to join other MLSs, reducing participants’ costs and administrative burden. In addition, MLS Advantage is rich in functionality and integrated with other applications. Members access MLSAdvantage via a link on

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Florida Realtors Awards $202,400 in Scholarships for 2019-20

(6 days ago) Florida Realtors Awards $202,400 in Scholarships for 2019-20. Education Foundation gives the money to 137 Florida students for the upcoming school year — making more than $1.5 million awarded through the program over the past 10 years.

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Florida Realtors Awards $222,800 in Scholarships

(8 days ago) The Foundation’s Board of Directors awarded $222,800 in scholarships to help pay for higher education expenses for 177 young people in the 2021-2022 school year. All recipients are Florida residents and will attend community colleges, four-year universities, graduate programs or law schools, both in state and out-of-state. Some students wish

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