Local schools deserve thanks Opinion …

Local schools deserve thanks. Just over one year ago, under difficult COVID circumstances, all of our schools in Howard County opened on time, while many schools around the country sadly never

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Kokomo Schools to reconfigure transformation zone …

(4 days ago) In 2018, the Indiana State Board of Education approved a plan to restructure Bon Air Elementary, Pettit Park Elementary, and Bon Air Middle School into a …

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Coming Soon: School Masks Opinion …

(4 days ago) Coming Soon: School Masks. Parents by the dozens took turns at the lectern during the South Madison Community Schools board meeting Aug. 19, pleading with elected officials to lift the district

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Kokomo Schools to go virtual starting Monday Covid-19

(2 days ago) Kokomo Schools worked with the Howard County Health Department, and Dr. Emily Backer, according to the letter, suggested the district close the week after Thanksgiving, though not required, in

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Students join Kokomo Schools classrooms virtually

(2 days ago) Kokomo Schools officials also created a Virtual College Preparatory Academy through Kokomo High School, which allows students to complete advanced placement courses, including AP calculus AB & BC

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School's out — Not! News kokomoperspective.com

(9 days ago) "The driving schools put us out of business," Schulte said. Now that most schools don't offer drivers' ed, summer school is regaining its popularity. Exact numbers weren't available for the five

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Schools adjust amid rising COVID-19 cases Covid-19

(9 days ago) Taylor School Corporation was the first district to adjust its calendar due to COVID-19. On Nov. 3, the elementary school closed to in-person learning and resumed on Nov. 16. The move came as a

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All Howard County schools offering free meals Lifestyles

(8 days ago) Schools also have implemented plans for virtual students to be able to receive the free breakfasts and lunches. At Western, parents or guardians of …

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Free for all: For second year, all Kokomo Schools students

(7 days ago) “Kokomo Schools offers many healthy options, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Our children even enjoy trying some of the new meal options in the school cafeteria, but they especially like

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Indiana public schools are performing better than ever

(1 days ago) The Howard County schools all have attendance rates higher than the 2010-11 state average, with Western School Corporation at 96.075 percent, Eastern Howard at 96.5 percent, Northwestern at 96

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K-12 schools to remain closed for the rest of the academic

(1 days ago) Governor Eric J. Holcomb today signed an executive order requiring all K-12 schools in Indiana to provide instruction via remote learning for …

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Area schools brace for COVID-19 News kokomoperspective.com

(8 days ago) Area schools and colleges are taking preventative measures to minimize the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, that now has infiltrated Indiana and Howard County.

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Covid-19 kokomoperspective.com

(8 days ago) Braden Dunlap. Mar 16, 2021. Despite the Howard County sheriff and jail officials’ best attempts at keeping COVID-19 at bay within the halls of the jail, a …

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Federal legislation to cut charter school funding could

(7 days ago) NOLA Public Schools, the school district for Orleans Parish, said 83% of the district’s nearly 45,000 students are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and 90% are …

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Kokomo Schools cancels in-person learning due to COVID-19

(5 days ago) The schools plan to return to in-person learning on Nov. 16. Howard, Taylor elementary schools shut down due to COVID-19 Two Howard County elementary schools have canceled in-person instruction

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SCOTUS to consider Maine religious school tuition case

(7 days ago) 9 hours ago · "Religious schools satisfy Maine’s compulsory education laws and meet every secular requirement to participate in the tuition assistance program, yet parents are barred from selecting them

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Kokomo Schools launches optional virtual learning program

(Just Now) School may look markedly different for some students next school year. Kokomo School Corporation is launching an optional full-time K-12 virtual learning program for the upcoming academic year

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'Inadequate, inequitable school funding': School districts

(6 days ago) Three elementary schools and one middle school are not allocated enough funds for air-conditioning, causing the cancellation of classes …

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