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Schools and Districts

9 days ago There are currently 181 school districts, large and small, across the state containing over 2,200 schools that employ over 114,800 teachers who educate approximately 1.6 million students …

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Division of State Schools

2 days ago State Schools will apply for the Title IV Ed Flex Waiver for FY23. The waiver will allow our division to use the FY23 allocation for well-rounded education and safe and healthy …

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School Improvement Process

8 days ago Step 1: Identify Needs – consult many sources to determine what in the school needs improvement. Step 2: Select Interventions – research many sources to determine the solutions …

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Schoolwide Programs

6 days ago A school operating a schoolwide program does not need to identify particular students as eligible to participate (ESEA Section 1114(a)(2)(A)(i). Providing services that need not be …

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School-Based Health Centers

1 days ago The Office of Whole Child Supports is working to expand school-based health services to rural communities in Georgia. The goal is to provide students the best opportunity to succeed by …

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Positive School Climate

7 days ago Welcome to the GaDOE Positive School Climate webpage. This webpage offers practitioners, stakeholders, and K-12 grade schools/districts with resources to provide students with a safe …

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Elementary School

5 days ago School psychologists are employed in Georgia schools in order to prevent or deal with the most severe learning and behavior problems. They consult on academic and behavioral …

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Georgia’s K-12 Mathematics Standards

9 days ago The State Board of Education approved State School Superintendent Richard Woods’ recommendation to adopt Georgia’s K-12 Mathematics Standards. The 2021-2022 and 2022 …

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GADOE Georgia Department of Education

5 days ago The public school may either test the student to place at the appropriate level OR the school may accept the school records to place for a probationary period of at least one grading …

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Acronyms & Terms

1 days ago Development & Learning. Development & Learning; Online Courses; Orientation for Nutrition Employees (O.N.E.) Save the Date; Training Catalog; Finance; Outreach

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